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Draws on a wealth of experience to deliver value both to your business, and your supply chain, through the deployment of unique insights gained in highly sophisticated organisations across multiple sectors. No longer is it sufficient for your business to measure performance and success in isolation: increasingly, it has become necessary to look at the effectiveness of the whole value chain to establish a competitive edge. Successful supply chain activities rely on a number of fundamentals: competent professional skills, robust processes and a framework for effective co-operation within your own business and the extended enterprise. Improving effectiveness and reducing waste in supply chains can represent a significant opportunity to your business, particularly as input costs can be as high as 70% in many manufacturing companies – and savings achieved through smarter supply chain management practices translate straight into bottom line profits.


PURCHASING STRATEGY Purchasing and procurement strategy forms an essential part of your overall business development strategy. We aim to help you to understand the importance of purchasing to your business performance and to build your own competences, regardless of the


CLUSTER MANAGEMENT The performance of your supply chain is critical to the success of your business, and your suppliers should be competent to manage themselves. But to what extent do you understand the impact of your suppliers’ performance on the


AUDIT Understanding the effectiveness of your existing capabilities is the first step in the pursuit of supply chain improvement. We can help you to understand both in relative terms, and against a set of appropriate benchmarks, what scope for improvement

'Bring Me the Head of Procurement!'

We are approaching the time of year when most organisations are starting to look at budgets. And logically, your Procurement team should be well on the way to developing their own plans for spending the organisation’s cash, and developing and enhancing their contribution to the success of the organisation over the next period. In organisations large and small, it might also an appropriate time for the CEO to review the contribution made by the organisation’s Procurement professionals, and to start to consider what expectations the organisation should have of its key departments.

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'Keep Calm and Carry On?'

Life used to be so simple! After the oil price shocks of the 1970s, but for the occasional recession, periodic fall-off in customer demand, inflation, currency fluctuations and industrial unrest, supply chain management was a straightforward and predictable activity. Or so it seemed! But with the onset of the twenty-first century, we have witnessed inter alia the bursting of the ‘dot-com’ bubble, banking failure and credit crisis, oil and commodity price hikes, burgeoning demand for resources from China and other emerging economies, increased political uncertainty, growing consumer activism and social unrest, extremes of weather and natural disasters. Our view of life has changed radically over the last fifteen years!

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Mike ran a series of workshops on purchasing ‘best practice’ for our purchasing transformation programme. He skilfully uses case studies and practical examples from his broad experience across sectors to explain the core principles of purchasing. This helps delegates to apply their learning to their day-to-day challenges in an effective way, and to deliver measurable benefits to the organisation. I was extremely happy with the work we carried out with him and more consolidation work will follow.

Richard Ryan, Illuminations Manager, Blackpool Council, UK

Mike is working closely with our category team to help us unlock cost and value improvement opportunities with our suppliers. The workshops he has led have been key to our understanding of the approaches we should use. His ability to communicate the theory using every day, practical examples has helped boost the knowledge and confidence of the team.

Antonio Falchi, Category Manager, Novelis AG, Europe

In addition to an excellent knowledge of the theory, Mike’s strength comes from a wide practical experience which contributes to the effectiveness of his training style. I have enjoyed presentations that Mike has given at seminars on process and procurement best practice: always well received, Mike is consistently among the most popular, engaging and thought-provoking speakers at these events

Philip Hindmoor, Energy Manager, Innovia Films Ltd, UK